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Devika Urvashi Bhise’s ‘Hijras – The Third Gender’ Wins Best Social Documentary

Srishti, a program of Bharatanatyam dance starring Swati Bhise, was first presented by Lincoln Center Institute as part of its 2002 – 2003 dance repertory. These days, when our partners study Srishti, it is often the lovely Devika Urvashi Bhise performing as the featured dancer. But what the participants probably don’t know is that Devika, in addition to being a skilled dancer, is also a screenwriter and director.

Her first documentary, Hijras – The Third Gender, won Best Social Documentary at the Second Annual New York IVIEW Film Festival, sponsored by the Transnational Arts and Human Rights Festival.

According to the documentary web site, “Hijras are the outcastes of Indian society and live on its fringes. These eunuchs (originally only castrated males) were once employed by sultans and maharajas to guard the women in their harems. Now shunned by society, they are treated with less respect than the Dalits, or untouchables. Considered neither men nor women, Hijras have no constitutional rights. Currently, there is an ongoing debate in India regarding whether or not they should be granted the status of a third gender.”

Hijras, along with six other short and/or documentary features, is screening at Lincoln Center’s own Kaplan Penthouse on Saturday, August 29 from 11:00am to 3:00pm (Hijras being the final presentation). Tickets are $18 (or $20 at the door). To order online, click here.


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